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  • Sunday, 09.07.2023, 8 p.m. Odeonsplatz|Open air ConcertSave date

»Klassik am Odeonsplatz«

  • Richard Wagner

    Richard Wagner's (born on May 22th 1813 in Leipzig) music dramas had an extremely polarizing effect on his contemporaries. While half the public was completely drawn into the emotional power of his works, the other half found his music and his…

    "Tannhäuser": Prelude

  • Camille Saint-Saëns

    Camille Saint-Saëns (born on October 9th 1835 in Paris), who began his musical career as a piano prodigy, is regarded as one of the most important composers of French classicism. In France, his symphonic striving for a cool, technically perfect…

    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 Opus 22

  • Intermission

  • Richard Strauss

    The composer Richard Strauss, born on June 11th 1864 in Munich, was one of the most multi-faceted musical personalities of the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. While his early works were couched in traditional classic forms and genres, in…

    "Don Juan", Opus 20

  • Peter I. Tschaikowsky

    "I consider you the greatest musical talent in present-day Russia", Russian music critic Hermann Laroche is said to have told Peter I. Tschaikowsky (born on April 25th 1840 in Votkinsk). And indeed, with his emotion-laden, voluptuous music, the…

    "Romeo and Juliet", Fantasy Overture

  • Andrés Orozco-Estrada Conductor

    In 2014/15, Andrés Orozco-Estrada took over the position of Chief Conductor of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and also became Music Director of the Houston Symphony Orchestra. In September 2015, the London Philharmonic Orchestra appointed him to the…

  • Lang Lang Piano

    Lang Lang is a leading figure in classical music today – as a pianist, educator and philanthropist he has become one of the world’s most influential and committed ambassadors for the arts in the 21st century. Equally happy playing for billions of…

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