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Youth Concert

Tickets available from 10.11.2021

  • Claude Debussy

    Claude Debussy, born on August 22nd 1862 in St.-Germain-en-Laye, was first a glowing admirer of Richard Wagner, but soon turned away from the German musical tradition to develop a French national musical idiom. The style he arrived at was called…

    "Prélude à `L'Après-midi d’un Faune´"

    Not until I heard "L'Après-midi d’un Faune" for the first time did I know what music really is. No less an authority than Maurice Ravel was the one who used these words to express his boundless admiration for the work of his friend and colleague…

  • Alexander Skryabin

    Alexander Skryabin


    With his vision of synæsthetic artistic events, that is to say ones that address the entire system of human sensory perception, Alexander Skryabin, pianist, writer, philosopher and eccentric universal genius, went down in…

    "Le Poème de l´Extase" ("The Poem of Ecstasy"), Opus 54

  • Lorenzo Viotti Conductor

    At only 29, Lorenzo Viotti has just recently been appointed principal conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dutch National Opera (DNO) in Amsterdam, starting in the 2021/22 season. Viotti made his debut with Dutch National Opera…

  • Malte ArkonaModerator