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  • Akio Yashiro

    "Quatuor à cordes"

  • Zhou Tian

    "Joy" for String Quintett

  • George Onslow

    George Onslow, born in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand in 1784, the son of an English lord and a French mother, ranked as one of most famous chamber music composers of his time. Some 34 of his string quartets and 35 quintets have been preserved…

    String Quintett No. 22, Opus 57

  • Qi Zhou Violin

    Born in Sichuan, China, the musician began studying the violin at the age of four with Chaoji Liu, continuing on at eleven to Weiming Hu at the Chengdu Music Academy. From 1995 to 1999 Qi Zhou studied with Yaoji Lin at the Music Academy in Beijing;…

  • Namiko Fuse Violin

    Born in Tokyo, this artist began studying the violin at the age of four and made many appearances as soloist in violin concertos and chamber music partner even during her time as a student at the Tokyo Music Academy, from which she graduated with…

  • Diyang Mei Viola

    Ever since violist Diyang Mei’s brilliant success at the 2018 ARD International Music Competition, winning first prize in the viola category, the Audience Prize and several special prizes, he has been steadily furthering his international career. …

  • Shizuka Mitsui Cello

    Shizuka Mitsui erhielt mit fünf Jahren seinen ersten Cellounterricht und studierte an der Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokio bei Hakuro Mori und Wen-Sinn Yang. 2011 wurde er Akademist des NHK Symphony Orchestra. Seit 2016 studiert er an der…

  • Shengni Guo Double Bass

    Born in 1983 in Shanghai, the double bassist started studying the violin at when she was only three. Seven years later, she discovered the double bass. She was taught from then on by Professor Jian Cao. At the tender age of eleven she gave her first…