An interactive audio trip through space: Experience Gustav Holst’s famous »The Planets« suite, played by the Munich Philharmonic under the baton of Krzysztof Urbański, somewhere near you!

As well as the title of Gustav Holst’s famous orchestral suite, »The Planets« is the name of an app that allows users to immerse themselves in the sound of the Munich Philharmonic. All you need is a smartphone and headphones to experience Holst’s masterpiece in a completely new way in one of 22 of Munich’s parks or at locations in Cologne and Berlin. Piloting a space glider, you fly from one celestial body to the next, from one musical piece to another, and explore their various meanings. The app uses a specially developed immersive binaural technology, which offers a level of interactivity that goes far beyond Dolby Atmos. And all you need is a smartphone, headphones and time for about an hour. Climb aboard a space shuttle and take off into the sounds of the Munich Philharmonic on an auditory treasure hunt that takes you from planet to planet via binaural 3D audio. 

The intense musical experience of Gustav Holst’s The Planets takes the sound of the Munich Philharmonic out of the Isarphilharmonie and right into the city itself, where you can move freely within the immersive soundscape created by the orchestra, floating through space and music.

You can download the app free of charge from the Google Play Store and the App Store:

Google Play Store (for Android mobile devices)

App Store (for iOS mobile devices)

Gunter Pretzel, Idea, Text, Music

Mathis Nitschke, Dramaturgy, Sounddesign, Mixture 

Michael Klier, Programming

Luciano Pinna, Visual Programming

Anja Gerscher, Graphic

Mathis Nitschke, Artistic direction

Sofilab UG, Production

Münchner Philharmoniker

supported by FFF Bayern