Symphony No. 2 in D major, Opus 36

In comparison to his later symphonies, Lduwig van Beethoven´s Second Symphony impresses us today as quite straitlaced and classical. Against the background of what was happening at the time of its composition, however, this symphony, written in 1801/1802 with its abrupt changes of dynamics and the sharp contrast between major and minor can be regarded as an avant-garde work. In addition, the listener is constantly taken down far different paths than the ones he might have expected – but not in the manner of Franz Joseph Haydn, with a sly wink of the eye, but downright dramatically. So it is no wonder that Beethoven´s contemporaries initially rejected the Second Symphony. In reviews written then, we find words like "murky", "savage", "garish" and "overly artificial". And so, to this day, it remains a thrilling pursuit to bring out these bold musical strokes in the interpretation of the work, and thus bring them thrillingly to life for today´s listener.