Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Opus 95 "Z Nového sveta" (From the New World)

"Z nového sveta", "From the New World" - this was the title Dvorák gave his Ninth Symphony, which he wrote in 1893 in the United States. In this work Dvorák drew some inspiration from Native American music, without, however, as is often assumed, directly taking over any Native American melodies. Many Americans regarded this symphony as proof that an autonomous national music could come about on the foundation of American folklore. However, the idea of harking back to the music of the native population to establish a national musical identity seems somewhat peculiar in a country with citizens who had come from every corner of the world. A great deal also speaks for the fact that viewing Dvorák´s Ninth Symphony as an "American" work has more to do with wishful thinking than reality, because today this work serves primarily as a reminder of the sounds of Dvorák´s Czech homeland.