Tuesday, 08_05_2018 8 p.m. | Schwere Reiter, Dachauer Str. 114
Sunday, 13_05_2018 11 a.m. | Festsaal im Münchner Künstlerhaus | 7th Chamber Music Concert

"Kaleidoscope Of Classical Modernism"

Gideon Klein

The tragic death of Gideon KIein, an extraordinarily gifted composer and pianist, was one of the heaviest losses for Czech music in the cruel years of the Second World War. Born in Prerov to a Jewish family, Klein was brought up immersed in Czech...  more

String Trio

Alfred Schnittke

Alfred Schnittke Generations of of Eastern European composers spoke Slavic languages and felt themselves to be German or spoke German and felt Slavic. Before his much too early death, Russo-German composer Alfred Schnittke succeeded in combining...  more

String Trio


Jean Françaix

Françaix, who came from a musical family, began his study of composition in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, who continued the tradition of neo-classicism inaugurated by Stravinsky. But besides Stravinsky, Françaix was primarily fascinated by Mozart,...  more

String Trio

Ernst von Dohnányi

Serenade C-Dur für Streichtrio op. 10


Simon Fordham, violin

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Simon Fordham studied violin at the renowned Victorian College of Arts in his home town as well as at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf. Beginning his career as orchestra musician at the Deutsche...  more

Beate Springorum, viola

Beate Springorum received her first instrumental instruction at the age of four on the violin. She initially trained as a violinist, then a few years later moved over to the viola. She rounded off her education in master classes with such prestigious...  more

Sissy Schmidhuber, cello

Sissy Schmidhuber was born in 1970 in Munich and received her first cello instruction at the age of seven. From 1983-87 she studied with Michael Hell, following which she began her studies at the Munich Music Academy, continuing her education in...  more