Friday, 13_03_2020 8 p.m. | Philharmonie im Gasteig | 6th Subscription Concert C | with Introduction | Save date
Saturday, 14_03_2020 7 p.m. | Philharmonie im Gasteig | 5th Subscription Concert D | with Introduction | Save date
Sunday, 15_03_2020 11 a.m. | Philharmonie im Gasteig | 6th Subscription Concert M | Save date

Absage der Konzerte bis 19. April 2020

Der Spielbetrieb wird vom 11. März bis vorerst 19. April 2020 eingestellt. Hintergrund ist die dynamische Verbreitung des Corona-Virus, die unterbrochen werden soll. Freistaat und Stadt haben sich daher für die Absage von Theateraufführungen, Opern und Konzerten in ihren Häusern entschieden - unabhängig von deren Platzkapazitäten. Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten werden vom Abo-Büro der Münchner Philharmoniker kontaktiert. Einzelkarten werden über München Ticket zurückgenommen.

Aaron Copland

When American composer Aaron Copland was asked about his musical ambitions, he replied that it was his intention to develop a "solid American tradition". In 1900, when Copland was born, America was still a long way away from this tradition: only a...  more

"Music for the Theatre"

Joseph Haydn

"Since Haydn, a symphony is no longer a mere source of fun, but rather a matter of life or death," said Johannes Brahms paying homage to the musical accomplishments of Franz Joseph Haydn, who created trail-blazing works in almost every genre. ...  more

Symphony No. 90 in C major, Hob. I:90


Igor Strawinsky

Igor Strawinskys works stand out by virtue of their great diversity of style. There was hardly a technique or stylistic development of his time that he didn't deal with, and which did not find expression in his vast body of works, comprising...  more

"Pulcinella" (ballet version)


Barbara Hannigan, conductor

Embodying music with an unparalleled dramatic sensibility, soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan is an artist at the forefront of creation. Her artistic colleagues include directors and conductors such as Christoph Marthaler, Simon Rattle, Sasha...  more

Fleur Barron, Mezzo-Soprano

Hailed by the Boston Globe as a "charismatic star" and by Opera News as a "striking looking young woman with an intriguingly dark and complex mezzo," British-Singaporean mezzo Fleur Barron is a 2018 HSBC Laureate of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence,...  more

James Way, Tenor

Born in Sussex, tenor James Way was winner of the 2nd Prize in the 62nd Kathleen Ferrier Awards at Wigmore Hall. He was awarded the 2016 Simon Sandbach Award from Garsington Opera, and the ‘most promising singer’ award at the Dean and Chadlington...  more

Douglas Williams, Bass baritone