Saturday, 12_12_2020 7 p.m. | Philharmonie im Gasteig | Save date
Sunday, 13_12_2020 7 p.m. | Philharmonie im Gasteig | Save date

Bundesregierung und Bayerische Staatsregierung haben weitere Maßnahmen im Kampf gegen Corona beschlossen, darunter fällt auch die Durchführung von Konzerten. Aus diesem Grund müssen alle angekündigten Konzerte der Münchner Philharmoniker bis Ende Dezember abgesagt werden. Natürlich werden alle gekauften Konzertkarten zurückerstattet. München Ticket wird sämtliche Kartenkäufer*innen bezüglich der Rückzahlungs-Modalitäten kontaktieren.

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Gustav Mahler

Military music and trumpet calls, the sounds of nature and cow bells, funeral march and wooden mallet – there is hardly any kind of music or any instrument missing from the symphonies of Gustav Mahler (born on July 7, 1860 in the Czech town of...  more

"Kindertotenlieder" ("Songs on the Death of Children")

Concurrently with his Fifth Symphony, in 1901, Mahler set to music two of the numerous poems Friedrich Rückert had written on the deaths of his children. Two years later he expanded these two settings by three additional ones, and seemed to be using...


Antonín Dvořák

Born on September 19th 1841 in today´s Czech Republic, Antonín Dvořák was regarded by his contemporaries as a kind of composing "nature boy" - inspired, unacademic and drawing directly from the sources of Czech and Slavic folklore, he ranks along...  more

Symphony No. 8 in G major, Opus 88

At the very latest when the stylized, spirited waltz resounds in the third movement, the listeners´ hearts melt like wax. Antonín Dvořák´s 8th Symphony, composed in 1889, is without a doubt his merriest and most laid-back symphony. Here, we can...


Semyon Bychkov, Conductor

Semyon Bychkov’s second season as the Czech Philharmonic’s Chief Conductor and Music Director saw the culmination of The Tchaikovsky Project started in 2015 before Bychkov’s appointment to the Orchestra. In addition to the release on Decca Classics...  more

Elisabeth Kulman, Mezzo-Soprano

Elisabeth Kulman is one of the most sought-after singers and artists of the international classical music scene. She impresses audiences and critics with her warm, colourful timbre, charisma and creative independence. She presents her multi-genre...  more