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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven, born in December 1770 in Bonn into a musical family, attracted attention early in his life thanks to his outstanding musical talent. In 1792 the Prince Elector of Bonn sent him to Vienna to enable him to perfect his knowledge...  more

"Leonore" Overture No. III

Beethoven revised his opera twice, as a result of which several overtures almost inevitably had to be composed – four in all. The first three were called the "Leonore" overtures, and the final one the "Fidelio" overture. Leonore No. 2 was played at...


Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's (born on May 22th 1813 in Leipzig) music dramas had an extremely polarizing effect on his contemporaries. While half the public was completely drawn into the emotional power of his works, the other half found his music and his...  more

"Tannhäuser": Prelude

Anton Bruckner

Opinions once varied on the music of Anton Bruckner (born on September 4, 1824 in Ansfelden, near Linz), who ranks amongst the great symphonists after Beethoven. While one faction regarded him as a destroyer of traditions, the other side ecstatically...  more

Symphony No. 3 in D minor

Anton Bruckner´s Third Symphony was originally composed as an homage to the composer´s deeply admired Richard Wagner. In its first version, written in 1873, the orchestral score of which was presented by Bruckner to Wagner as a dedicatory example...


Valery Gergiev, conductor

Born in Moscow, Valery Gergiev initially studied conducting under Ilya Musin at the Leningrad Conservatory. While still a student, he won the Herbert von Karajan conducting competition in Berlin. In 1978, aged 24, Valery Gergiev became assistant...  more