Friends and Patrons of the Munich Philharmonic

What do the Friends and Patrons do?

The "Freunde und Förderer der Münchner Philharmoniker" has been supporting the internationally renowned, professional orchestra as well as young, talented musicians since its foundation in 1983. On a volunteer basis, with great enthusiasm and substantial financial investments. The by now almost 500 members ensure the preservation of a lively, first-rate orchestra and music culture with their wonderful commitment. Their greatest aim for this personal investment is the certainty to be investing in a strong community into an orchestra that is one of the best in the world.

The diverse work of the non-profit society culminated in the foundation of the Orchestra Academy in 1997. Keeping, financing, and expanding it is the greatest success of the Friends and Patrons since it came into existence. In 2009, the Academy received the sponsorship award of the Hauck & Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation. However, the Friends and Patrons feel not only responsible for the next generation of musicians, but also for the artistic work of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra by supporting and often making possible a variety of projects, for example by purchasing valuable musical instruments and making them available to the musicians of the orchestra.

Board of the Society


What does the Philharmonic do for the Friends?

Thanks to their many activities, they feel much more involved with "their orchestra" than others, experiencing its everyday work during rehearsals, at Academy auditions, or during chamber concerts of the participants in the Orchestra Academy. The Friends follow the training of their protégés and many times observe an important musical and personal development in the process. After all, both orchestra and Friends are interested above all in one thing: making a valuable contribution to the cultural landscape of the state capital Munich. Friends and Patrons get together annually at a general meeting in order to take stock and be able to cultivate an active exchange of ideas with like-minded people.

The Orchestra Academy

Young musicians receive a monthly scholarship for up to two years in order to intensify their training in practice and prepare for their start into working life. A multitude of young musicians from around the world comes to the auditions because here, they receive the finishing touch for an often international musical career after their studies. Once they have been accepted, above all hard work is waiting for them. The Academy is not without reason a training centre for the orchestra elite.


Become a Friend and Patron

Why don't you, too, become a Friend and Patron of the Munich Philharmonic? Would you like to become involved as Friend or Patron, as private person or as company, for the indispensable work of the Munich Philharmonic with young talented musicians? Arts and culture need financial support – why don't you, too, become a friend or patron of the Munich Philharmonic, ensuring a lively, first-rate orchestra culture? Just contact us!


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