»MPHIL 360°«

The first concert of the Munich Philharmonic, then known as the »Kaim Orchestra«, was held on 13 October 1893. Both the timing and the programme of this year’s »MPHIL 360°« festival were reminiscent of the Munich Philharmonic’s concerts in its first years of existence.

The grand festival concert on Saturday 13 October 2018 paid homage to one of the most important events in the history of the Munich Philharmonic: The world première of the 8th Symphony – the »Symphony of a Thousand« –, conducted by its composer Gustav Mahler himself. On Sunday 14 October 2018, the orchestra celebrated itself. At the Birthday Matinee, works with special historical references were on the programme.

Our joint special concert celebrated two birthdays: 125 years of the Munich Philharmonic and 65 years of the Musikbund von Ober- und Niederbayern e. V. (MON), which is a partner of the »Spielfeld Klassik« education programme. Two members of the Munich Philharmonic – Albert Osterhammer and Raffaele Giannotti – assumed the roles of conductor and soloist.

Another concert format, having originated in the early years of the Munich Philharmonic, was represented during the festival weekend: When the »Kaim Orchestra« was still privately financed, there were various popular formats in addition to the subscription concerts: the »Volkssymphoniekonzerte«, the »Populäre Konzerte«, guest concerts in Bad Kissingen and entertainment concerts with food and drink.

MPHIL 360°

Credits: Hans Engels