Wolfgang Rihm

Born in 1952 in Karlsruhe and still resident there, German composer Wolfgang Rihm has been a major influence on the international composing scene for decades. His works are presented with great success all over the world, and he has also expressed his views in articles and essays on modern music and the role of the composer in contemporary society. One special contribution is Rihm´s successful effort to bring modern music out of its position on the sidelines and return it to the mainstream. In this sense, since the 1970´s, his works have been characterized with such keywords as “New Simplicity”, “Neo-Expressionism” or “Neo-Romanticism”, which primarily express his subjective approach to music and the immediate impact of his works, which thus differ fundamentally from the seemingly objectivized and abstract avant-garde concepts of our time. Wolfgang Rihm´s meanwhile vast collection of works comprise operas, ballet music, numerous orchestral works and concertos as well as a goodly number of vocal and instrumental chamber music works. Besides this, Wolfgang Rihm has also served since 1973 as a teacher at the Darmstadt Vacation Courses for Modern Music and holds a professorship in composition at the Karlsruhe Music Academy.

Born in 1952 in Karlsruhe.