Alexander technique

The scholarship holders have regular classes in the Alexander technique in order to prevent for example physical ailments and to expand tonal possibilities. Anke Klenk, teacher of the Alexander technique, regularly teaches the young musicians of the Orchestra Academy. In private classes with instruments, the following goals are targeted:- Schooling of the self-perception of the own body- Learning to recognise and give up restricting habits- Optimising the effort in relation to the task- Preventing and/or minimising physical ailments- Expanding tonal possibilities- Establishing self-confidence, enthusiasm and stage presence.  Anke Klenk has been teaching the participants in the Orchestra Academy of the Munich Philharmonic since 2004. Coming from a family of musicians, Anke Klenk played the violin in the Bavarian State Youth Orchestra and other semi-professional orchestras. She studied at the Alexander Institute in Munich from 2001 two 2004.The Friends and Patrons of the Munich Philharmonic are kind enough to sponsor the classes.