We want to express our displeasure about the way we deal with art and culture. There is still not enough aid to survive for so many people in the culture and event industry. Therefore we called on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 8 p.m. - the day of the culture lockdown - to publish videos, livestreams and contributions that show silence in an individual way. This always with the unifying hashtag #SangUndKlanglos #AlarmstufeRot, in all available media and on all channels. From major cultural institutions to individual artists, everyone was invited to participate.

With the call #SangUndKlanglos the culture and cultural event industry in Germany quietly raises its voice within the action group #AlarmstufeRot.

With this action we and all other orchestras would like to send a sign of solidarity to all free artists. This is not about us, we know about our privileged status. With this action we want to point out that art and culture are still in the first lockdown and simply the existence of free artists is at stake. Stick together and make our contribution, that's what we are all about!

On the website alarmstuferot.org there is a Social Media Wall, the common projection screen on which the contributions of all participants are collectively visible, which are posted, shared and published under the hashtag #SangUndKlanglos #AlarmstufeRot.

credit Uli Neumann-Cosel