Subscriptions – Terms and Conditions

A subscription to concerts of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra offers you many advantages: When purchasing a new subscription or extending an existing one for orchestral and chamber music concerts, you are granted a discount of at least 20 per cent on the net price of individual tickets (except the h5 subscription). Your subscription ticket gives you the option to visit additional concerts of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra at a lower price: Upon presentation of your subscription ticket you are granted a discount of about 20 per cent on the net price of individual performances when buying tickets through advance booking or at the box office. Not included are public dress rehearsals, benefit concerts, open air concerts, the university concert, events within the framework of “Ristorante Allegro” as well as concerts involving external organizers. For online bookings please note our web shop information.
Use of public transport - MVV: As holder of an individual subscription ticket you are entitled to use the MVV public transport system throughout the service area free of charge on the day of the event. The MVV fee is included in the ticket price. Please note the provisions stated on the admission tickets. This does not apply to tickets for public dress rehearsals.
Subscribers accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Transferability
If you are unable to attend a specific subscription concert, you are allowed to transfer your subscription ticket for individual concerts to a third party on your behalf. Please note that the resale of admission tickets is only allowed if the requested price does not exceed the price printed on the respective admission ticket. If this provision is violated the Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra shall be entitled to immediately terminate the subscription agreement and to charge a penalty in the amount of € 100.

2. Changes, date alterations, reimbursements
Changes in program, date and cast are not foreseen but remain reserved. Such changes do not constitute a valid reason to terminate the subscription during the concert season nor a claim to the redemption or exchange of subscription tickets. No reimbursement can be effected for unattended subscription concerts; nor does such failure to attend entitle the subscription holder to attend other concerts as a substitute. Only in the event of cancelled concerts will a prorated reimbursement of the subscription price be granted. Due to potential technical or artistic requirements of specific programs, we are not able to guarantee the claim to a specific seat in the respective category of the subscription.

3. Switch of series and change of seat
A switch of series or change of seat is only possible prior to the beginning of a new season.

4. Exchange of date
If you cannot attend a concert, you have the option to exchange the date within the concert season. You can utilize this exchange option up to two times per concert season. If you would like to make an exchange outside the concert program, it must be announced six weeks prior to the date of the concert for which the exchange is desired. The subscription ticket must be submitted to the subscription office for processing within one week. In principle the exchange shall be made within the same price category. In the event that sufficient seats are not available, it is possible to change to a lower price category. The price difference is, however, not reimbursed. Payment of a surcharge for a higher category is not possible. An exchange to special concerts and the New Year’s Eve concert on December 31 and the university concerts and youth concerts is not possible. If a date cannot be exchanged you may take advantage of our ticket exchange service for subscribers on

5. Issuing of replacement tickets
In case you have misplaced your subscription ticket or have forgotten to bring your ticket to the concert, a replacement ticket can be issued at the box office for a € 2 fee per ticket. In case you have lost all admission tickets for your subscription you can have a subscription replacement ticket issued in the subscription office. We charge a € 5 processing fee per ticket.

6. Discount for disabled persons and wheelchair users
Upon presentation of a copy of their disabled person’s pass by April 1 of the current season, disabled persons are granted a 50 per cent discount on the net price of individual tickets for the upcoming season. If an accompanying person is required, and if this requirement is duly noted in the disabled person’s pass, the accompanying person is also granted a 50 per cent discount. This also applies to accompanying persons for wheelchair users. For wheelchair users, 15 seats are available free of charge in the Philharmonie Hall, 10 seats are available also free of charge in the Künstlerhaus for the chamber music concerts.

7. Change in address
Please advise the subscription office immediately in writing of any change in address.

8. Extension or termination
The subscription is always purchased for one concert season. It is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled in writing by the subscriber or the Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra prior to April 1st of the current season. You are welcome to advise us of the reason for your termination to help us improve our offers.

9. Mode of payment
Payment may be made by credit transfer or by direct debit. Upon receipt of the invoice, please adhere to the due date for payment. You may find the form for direct debit on The subscription tickets will be mailed after receipt of payment during the month of August, however at the latest one week prior to the first concert in your subscription series.
10. Modifications in the subscription terms and conditions
The Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions as well as the prices of the subscription for each upcoming concert season.  Subscribers will be informed about such changes in the annual program.


Subscription Office
Phone +49 89 480 98 55 00
Fax +49 89 480 98 54 00

Opening hours:
Monday - Thusday: 9.30 - 18 o'clock
Friday: 9.30 - 13 o'clock


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