General Terms of Business

Insofar as it acts as the organiser, the Munich Philharmonic is the contractual partner for the purchase of tickets. This also applies if tickets are sold by third parties. The resale of tickets is only permitted if the asking price does not exceed the admission price set by the Munich Philharmonic. In the event of non-compliance, a penalty for breach of contract of €100 applies. The Munich Philharmonic also reserves the right to take further legal action.

Image and sound recordings during the concerts are prohibited. Mobile phones and watches with a signal function must be switched off before the concert.

Changes in line-up and programme do not entitle the holder to a refund of the ticket price.

Subscribers accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Transferability
If you are unable to attend a specific subscription concert, you are allowed to transfer your subscription ticket for individual concerts to a third party on your behalf. Please note that the resale of admission tickets is only allowed if the requested price does not exceed the price printed on the respective admission ticket. If this provision is violated the Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra shall be entitled to immediately terminate the subscription agreement and to charge a penalty in the amount of € 100.


2. Changes, date alterations, reimbursements
Changes in program, date and cast are not foreseen but remain reserved. Such changes do not constitute a valid reason to terminate the subscription during the concert season nor a claim to the redemption or exchange of subscription tickets. No reimbursement can be effected for unattended subscription concerts; nor does such failure to attend entitle the subscription holder to attend other concerts as a substitute. Only in the event of cancelled concerts will a prorated reimbursement of the subscription price be granted. Due to potential technical or artistic requirements of specific programs, we are not able to guarantee the claim to a specific seat in the respective category of the subscription.


3. Switch of series and change of seat
A switch of series or change of seat is only possible prior to the beginning of a new season. The exact dates for the next season will be published here later this year.


4. Exchange of date
If you cannot attend a concert, you have the option to exchange the date within the concert season. You can utilize this exchange option up to two times per concert season. If you would like to make an exchange outside the concert program, it must be announced six weeks prior to the date of the concert for which the exchange is desired. The subscription ticket must be submitted to the subscription office for processing within one week. In principle the exchange shall be made within the same price category. In the event that sufficient seats are not available, it is possible to change to a lower price category. The price difference is, however, not reimbursed. Payment of a surcharge for a higher category is not possible. An exchange to the New Year’s Eve concert and the university concert is not possible. If a date cannot be exchanged you may take advantage of our ticket exchange service for subscribers on


5. Issuing of replacement tickets
In case you have misplaced your subscription ticket or have forgotten to bring your ticket to the concert, a replacement ticket can be issued at the box office for a € 2 fee per ticket. In case you have lost all admission tickets for your subscription you can have a subscription replacement ticket issued in the subscription office. We charge a € 5 processing fee per ticket.


6. Discount for disabled persons and wheelchair users
Upon presentation of a copy of their disabled person’s pass by April 1 of the current season, disabled persons are granted a 50 per cent discount on the net price of individual tickets for the upcoming season. If an accompanying person is required, and if this requirement is duly noted in the disabled person’s pass, the accompanying person is also granted a 50 per cent discount. This also applies to accompanying persons for wheelchair users. For wheelchair users, 15 seats are available free of charge in the Philharmonie Hall, 10 seats are available also free of charge in the Künstlerhaus for the chamber music concerts.


7. Wheelchair users
The Philharmonie Gasteig offers 15 seats for wheelchair users and the Künstlerhaus offers 10 seats for chamber concerts. The price for wheelchair users depends on the respective price category. Wheelchair users receive the corresponding discount on presentation of their disability certificate. An accompanying person will be admitted free of charge. All prices are listed below. An overview of the reduced subscription prices can be found here.


8. Change in address
Please advise the subscription office immediately in writing of any change in address.


9. Extension or termination
The subscription is always purchased for one concert season. It is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled in writing by the subscriber or the Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra prior to April 1st of the current season. You are welcome to advise us of the reason for your termination to help us improve our offers.


10. Payment method
You can pay for your subscription by bank transfer or SEPA direct debit. You can obtain a form for issuing your SEPA Direct Debit Mandate from the Subscription Office or download and print it. If your bank details change, please reissue your SEPA Direct Debit Mandate using the corresponding form with your original signature. You can send it to us by post or hand it in at the subscription office. Please note the terms of payment on your invoice. When we have received your payment, we will send you the subscription tickets during August but no later than one week before the start of your subscription series.


11. Modifications in the subscription terms and conditions
The Management of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions as well as the prices of the subscription for each upcoming concert season. Subscribers will be informed about such changes in the annual program.


12. Special conditions of the children’s subscription
The children’s subscription is aimed at children aged 6 to 14 years as available. To book a place, you will need a photo ID of your child. The Munich Philharmonic’s terms and conditions of subscription apply, except for transferability, extension and additional purchased tickets. Children’s subscriptions can be transferred to any child within the specified age range. It cannot be transferred to an adult on payment of the additional cost. When extending a child’s subscription, verification of his or her eligibility must be submitted in the form of a photo ID of the child no later than 1 April of the current season. The reduction of the purchase price of 20 percent for additional tickets for concerts of the Munich Philharmonic does not apply. A child’s subscription can be bought only in combination with an existing or a new subscription purchased at the normal price.

The following conditions apply to the purchase and use of Konzertkarte 25 and 50:

The Konzertkarte 25 and 50 discount cards are available directly from München Ticket in Glashalle/Gasteig at a price of €25 and €100 respectively. Alternatively, you can order your Konzertkarte from KlassikLine by calling +49 (0)89 548181400 or in the Munich Philharmonic’s webshop. Reservation fees apply for orders placed by phone or via our webshop. If you receive your Konzertkarte by post, postage charges apply.


Holders of the Konzertkarte 25 or 50 receive a 25 or 50 percent discount respectively on all subscription and special concerts organised exclusively by the Munich Philharmonic for a period of twelve months from the date of validity. Not eligible are concerts under the umbrella of the »MPHIL 360°« festival, »MPhil vor Ort« and all »Spielfeld Klassik« events, such as concerts for young people, schools and universities or »Ristorante Allegro«. With each Konzertkarte, one ticket per concert can be purchased. The discount applies to the net single ticket price but not to any applicable administrative and advance booking fees or postage. A combination with other types of discount is not possible. Reduced tickets can be purchased from München Ticket, ticket offices affiliated to München Ticket and at the box office on the day of the concert subject to availability. The Konzertkarte 25 or 50 alone does not entitle the holder to use Munich public transport free of charge.


The Konzertkarte is issued by München Ticket to an individual and is not transferable. Discounted tickets are only valid in conjunction with the respective Konzertkarte and a photo ID document. Both must be shown at the entrance. Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. Resale is only permitted at the price printed on the ticket. Visitors who cannot show a Konzertkarte or an official photo ID at the entrance must pay the difference to the normal price at the box office.


The management of the Munich Philharmonic reserves the right to make changes to the programme, dates and line-up and shall not be liable for the return or exchange of the Konzertkarte. Concerts that are not attended cannot be refunded and do not entitle the holder to attend other concerts instead. In case of cancelled concert, you will receive a refund of the ticket price. Due to technical or artistic requirements for certain programmes, we are unable to guarantee you a specific seat in the respective price category.


In the event of loss or theft of a Konzertkarte, a replacement can be issued by München Ticket for the remaining period of validity for a processing fee of € 4.


The Konzertkarte is valid as of the date of issue and ends twelve months thereafter. After this period, a new Konzertkarte can be purchased.


A cancellation of the Konzertkarte is not necessary. Early termination and pro rata reimbursement are not possible.


Please inform München Ticket of any changes of address immediately.


The management of the Munich Philharmonic reserves the right to change the conditions and prices for the Konzertkarte for each coming concert season.