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Leoš Janáček

Like Bedrich Smetana and Antonín Dvorák, Leoš Janáček is indissolubly linked with the traditional line of Czech national music. Many of his works, such as the operas "Jenufa", "Katia Kabanova" and "Příhody Li?ky Bystrou?ky" ("The Cunning Little Vixen") are deeply rooted in Moravian folk music, which Janáček does not express in romantic terms, but rather in a take-no-prisoners realistic musical style. In addition to this, Janáček´s profound bond with nature should be stressed. For him, this formed the basis for a very specific philosophy of nature. The final phase of his life was concurrent with the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, which he regarded as newly gained liberty after decades of foreign domination on the part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

born on July 3, 1854 in Hukvaldy, Moravia

died on August 12, 1928 in Moravská Ostrava