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Bernhard Metz

Bernhard Metz was born in Saarbrücken and took his first violin lessons at the Pflüger Foundation, headed by Wolfgang Marschner, in Freiburg. While still in secondary school, he also studied with Roman Nodel in Mannheim and Rainer Kussmaul in Freiburg. Even in these early years, he developed considerable enthusiasm for chamber music, supported by regular quartet instruction, among others, from Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet) and Walter Levin (La Salle Quartet).

As a violinist in the Armando Quartet, Bernhard Metz won several prizes, such as the first prize at the Federal German "Jugend musiziert" Competition and the second prize at the International Chamber Music Competition in The Hague. Master classes and chamber music courses with Arthur Silverstein, Dénes Szigmondy, Philippe Hirschhorn, the Cleveland, Amadeus and Vermeer Quartets rounded off his musical education. Bernhard Metz took part in a number different festivals, such as the Schwetzingen Festival, and concentrated his attentions more intensely on the music of the 20th century, which was acknowledged with prizes primarily for the Armando Quartet and the "Est Est Est" Ensemble, which latter group won first prize at the 1996 Competition for Youth Culture in Düsseldorf.

As concert master of the Baden-Württemberg State Youth Orchestra, the Interregional Orchestra and the Baden-Württemberg Chamber Philharmonic, as well in his work with the Armando Quartet, Bernhard Metz acquired concert experience at home and abroad. In 2001, Bernhard Metz completed the requirements for his soloist examination in studies with Roman Nodel. Since 1999 he has been a member of the Munich Philharmonic, and he has played in the Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival since 2008.

credit Frank Bauer